Construction Site Offices

Construction site offices

Communications are an essential element of construction site set up.

These temporary cabins provide contractors and the project team with the necessary business technology to keep up-to-date whilst working in sometimes difficult conditions yet the technology still needs to be robust and constantly available. Added to this, construction project time is often less than a year but due to minimum contract terms and installation costs many construction companies incur extra expense  for communication services.

The communic8 hosted service doesn’t tie you in to a long contract so you can use the service for 3 months or 3 years only requiring a month’s cancellation period.  And, as the handsets are non-proprietary, you’ll be able to use them again or take them with you to the next site. As soon as the site is connected, it becomes part of your network benefitting from the free calls to colleagues.  Call twinning a very popular feature for remote workers too. The ability to call the user’s desk and mobile phone simultaneously means that it’s not only easier to track them down but reduces mobile phone bills too.

We can also offer a 48 hour essentials set up for even the most remote locations. For a communic8 VoIP to be functioning, all we need is a broadband connection….and we can help you with that too!