Moving Offices/Locations

Take your telephone numbers and system anywhere in the UK


Moving to a new office or a different geographical location causes major headaches for most departments. Business technology, and most importantly communications, is high on everyone’s list of concerns. It’s essential that, from day 1, telephones can cope with the change over, customers aren’t left frustrated with changing numbers and staff aren’t struggling to provide a good service with a new system they don’t know how to operate.

From a financial point of view, moving to a new office should provide the opportunity to ensure investment made in new equipment will achieve a return on investment – or give you the opportunity to look at alternative ways that doesn’t tie up the company’s cash in depreciating hardware.

Communic8 business can run simultaneously in both locations during the relocation phase  allowing you to only switch off the old system once you are completely satisfied and settled in the new office.

Our hosted services are run by technical experts from our own data centres. Your dedicated and experienced project manager will assist in both the planning stage and the implementation of the new system as well as training your staff to ensure your system is running smoothly throughout the move and there are no first day nightmares.

Read the case study from BBLB architects who implemented Communic8 Business when they moved offices.

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