Multiple Branch Organisation

Connect all your offices with one system


If you have several offices it’s likely that a large percentage of the calls are between colleagues and not externally to customers or suppliers.  Probably the most published benefits of a VoIP system is that these cross-site calls will be free of charge.

But the benefits of VoIP don’t end there.  A traditional PBX will insist on individual ISDN lines going to each of these separate locations with massive line rental bills to boot. The hosted Communic8 Business solution can provide you with a on demand and scalable bandwidth delivery to the internet for all your sites as you only require one centralised system. So, you decide how many people could be on the phone at any one time across your whole network of branches and we’ll sort out the licences and bandwidth accordingly.

It’s also a completely flexible and scalable solution even once implemented so adding additional extensions is fast and simple. And as there is no heavy investment, it simplifies your communications budget but provides you with greater functionality.

VoIP provides flexibility over telephone numbers  too. You may have an office in Luton or Liverpool that you want to have a London geographical number (e.g. 020 8). That’s simple. In fact with us, it’s possible for your remote or home workers to use their office number when their on the road too by simply connecting in to office network.

Customer call handling will be an important consideration for any business. Our system can put customer care representatives from all locations onto the same ring group so you can ensure a rapid response. Once answered, transferring a call from Liverpool to London gives a seamless customer experience, whether through an operator’s Windows desktop utility that shows user status or by any user dialling an extension.