Remote/Home Workers

Work away from the office without losing technology


Both recent legislation and business processes have lead to an increase in staff requiring business technology away from the main office.

Plus the interest in unified communications – the ability to integrate of real-time communication services such as instant messaging (chat), presence information, IP telephony, video conferencing and call routing – which in simple terms, is the ability to be contacted on any online communications device linked into the system, means it’s quite possible to have a home worker accessing the same business applications and communications a colleague sat at the office.

Communic8 likes to go one better. We can also ensure that your remote workers can be contacted on their direct dial number wherever they are by logging into the company’s VPN.

The Communic8 soft phone enables a user to access all the features from their computer through a compact Windows System Tray Applet and so benefitting from unified communications without the need for a physical phone.

Call twinning a very popular feature for remote workers too. The ability to call the user’s desk and mobile phone simultaneously means that it’s not only easier to track them down but can reduce mobile phone bills too.

Our system can also be configured to allow users to make these changes their own extension using the self-service user portal which reduces administration on busy IT staff. It allows users to control call forwarding rules, check voicemails, create a personal phonebook with click to dial as well as monitor all calls as well as see the status of all other phones on the network.

A real benefit for both your very important clients and top executives is the programmable call routing plans. Acting like a PA, it will try to reach you on the sequenced plan before leaving you a voicemail presented into an email or notification on your phone.

This system is also excellent for businesses whose key staff are out of the office as much as they are in it. With an intelligent integral database, you can provide customers with frequently asked information at a touch of a button through the digital receptionist/auto attendant.

For instance, a potential house buyer may see a property advertised and want more information. Your VoIP system can handle this request using a unique reference number for the house and leave you details of how the customer wants to receive the information. In fact, it can even provide them with a recorded message detailing the property key features.