Temporary/Short Term Locations

Flexible short term options


Serviced offices provide a growing business real flexibility in the short-term.

Sometimes key business services such as broadband or telephony, create restrictions to this and add extra expense due to minimum contract terms and installation costs.

Communic8 doesn’t tie you in to a long contract so you can use the service for 3 months or 3 years only requiring a month’s cancellation period.  And, as the handsets are non-proprietary, you’ll be able to use them again or take them with you to a permanent office. Our Small Business option gives growing businesses a full list of features and great flexibility without the need for any heavy investment.

We can also offer a 48 hour essentials set up for even the most remote locations. For a communic8 VoIP to be functioning, all we need is a broadband connection….and we can help you with that too!